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Served with salad & mint sauce

Tandoori Dishes

Served with vegetable sauce, salad & pilau rice

Masala Dishes

Boneless marinated chicken OR lamb etc. Cooked in mixed ground nuts and coconut powder with special masala sauce & oriental spices

Jalfrezi Dishes

A hot dish cooked with green chillies, herbs, spices, tomatoes & fresh coriander

Karahi Dishes

Medium dish cooked with onions and peppers, medium spices, garnished with coriander

Saag Dishes

A combination of spinach cooked with medium spices

Biryani Dishes

Preparation of saffron rice with mild herbs & spices. Garnished with an omelette & served with vegetable curry sauce

Chef's Specialities

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Traditional Dishes

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Chef's Balti Speciality Dishes

Balti dishes are traditionally cooked with mostly fresh spices & herbs. We take it as our privelege to cook these dishes to your taste & strength